The user experience of the human-machine interface (HMI) control on your equipment does matter. Equipment that is easier to use makes onboarding new employees quick and simple. Consistent operator interface design and operation between machines allows for cross-training of employees from one piece of equipment to another.

Previously, new employees struggled with learning how to operate plastics processing equipment. With Conair's new common control platform—and a user experience specifically designed to fast-track employee onboarding—new employees feel comfortable operating equipment and avoid costly mistakes. This presentation will discuss the challenges and solutions when it comes to training new employees on processing equipment.

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  • Controls designed for a pleasant user experience - shortened learning curve
  • Cross-training from one piece of equipment to another, so that the same operator is comfortable on all equipment in the line
  • What makes a control that is well-thought and simple to use?
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    Product Manager, Drying
    A.J. Zambanini started at Conair in the PET packaging group. He then advanced to the role of regional manager. Now, as drying product manager, he is responsible for the drying product line and product innovations. He graduated from Penn State in 2010 with a degree in mechanical engineering technology and a minor in technical sales. A.J. came to Conair as a former customer where he was responsible for plant and capital improvement projects. His on-the-job knowledge of systems has served as a huge asset in understanding pain points and assisting customers solve problems.
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