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About this Webinar
By effectively removing metal contamination, Bunting equipment helps you reclaim lost profit and decrease costly damage that metal contaminants can cause to the other equipment in your facility. In this webinar, Bunting will discuss how magnetic separators and metal detectors help protect your equipment and purify your product stream. Whether you are a plastics manufacturer or a plastics recycler, this webinar will give you valuable information about selecting the correct magnetic separation and metal detection equipment for your operation.
  • Total process solutions to maximize profits by preventing damage to processing equipment and reducing expensive downtime
  • How to utilize magnets in both virgin and regrind plastics applications
  • How to utilize metal detection in both virgin and regrind plastics applications
  • Total process solutions for processors in both virgin and plastic regrind applications
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    Barry Voorhees
    Product Manager - Metal Detection
    Barry Voorhees is the metal detection product manager at Bunting. He has worked for Bunting since 1994. Prior to his current role, he held the roles of general manager as well as manager of technical services and quality assurance for the company.
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    Marc Suderman
    Product Manager - Magnetic Separation
    Marc Suderman is the magnetic separation product manager at Bunting. By supplying magnetic separation equipment to various industries, he supports customers in achieving optimal quality assurance and safety for their products.