The presenter, David Pierick, spent 30 years of his professional life developing and commercializing injection-molded parts, machines and molds. Three years ago, he switched his allegiance to additive manufacturing (AM).


David will do some myth busting on common misconceptions about using additive manufacturing in your process, including the myths that:
• Custom molding is profitable
• The injection-molded consumer product development cycle is a minimum of six months
• AM will never meet the tolerances of injection-molded parts
• AM will never be cost-effective when compared to injection molding
• AM is for prototyping only

You'll also see use cases showing how AM complements injection molding. Join this webinar presented by HP to find out why area-wide, powder-bed fusion AM has changed the rules of the game—it's no longer just for prototyping.

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  • How AM complements injection molding
  • How AM can be cost-effective
  • Using AM for short-run production and bridge manufacturing
  • How AM shortens the product development cycle
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    David Pierick
    David Pierick manages the WW Applications Engineers for HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology. He spent over 30 years of his career developing polymers and inventing injection molding processes for the plastics industry and believes that additive manufacturing will become a major serial production method complementing injection molding and CNC machining. David is the author of over 15 patents and his professional career includes managing a plant for an injection molding company where he increased the profitability over 100%; developed several polypropylene materials for LyondellBasell; invented and commercialized the MuCell molding technology used around the world; and developed processing technologies and materials for aerospace applications. David holds a B.S. from UCLA in materials science, and M.S. in plastics processing from UMASS-Lowell and an advanced studies diploma in Polymer science from the University of Ferrara, Italy.