About this Webinar
Fully understanding machine tool technology can improve medical device machining throughput and enhance the bottom line. In this webinar, discover how a performance-based machine tool is constructed and how to use it to achieve significant advantages over commodity-based equipment.

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  • See how a performance-based machine is constructed
  • Discover the advantages of implementing this equipment
  • Identify machine technologies that will impact throughput
  • Understand how managing the thermal environment affects accuracy and performance
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    Michael Minton
    Michael Minton, applications engineering services manager for Makino, oversees a team focused on the medical industry and supports five-axis production machining applications. Mike began his career serving a formal apprenticeship where he became a certified tool and die maker. After obtaining his first CNC machine, Mike quickly realized the unlimited possibilities and advantages of CNC machining. He applied his toolmaking background to engineer unique solutions that enhance the customer's investment in CNC technology. Having worked in various high-precision manufacturing companies, Mike pursued the opportunity to work with a machine tool manufacturer by joining Makino in 2017.