About This Webinar
Skilled manufacturing workers are difficult to find and hire. Join this webinar to learn how CAM automation increases productivity with your current workforce.

SolidWorks CAM and HCL CAMWorks were designed to easily capture and reuse machining details to automate and streamline part production, allowing your current staff to save time and increase productivity.

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  • Find a solution to keep up with demand, even when you’re short-staffed
  • See how your CAM automation can save you valuable time and energy
  • Improve your design-to-manufacturing process with SolidWorks CAM and CAMWorks
Marc Bissell
Senior Applications Specialist
Marc Bissell is a driving force behind the development, marketing, and distribution of digital manufacturing solutions for HCL’s ERX business unit. The ERX portfolio of solutions includes computer aided manufacturing (CAM), smart digital manufacturing, and additive/subtractive solutions to encourage digital transformation through automated manufacturing.

Marc has worked in the manufacturing and CAD/CAM industry for more than three decades, overcoming manufacturing & assembly challenges and solving precision manufacturing problems using cutting-edge technology for a wide variety of industries. Originally trained as a CNC machinist and programmer before going on to become a manufacturing engineer and plant manager, Marc’s experience includes decades of hands-on tool & fixture design, manufacturing engineering, solid modeling, and CAD/CAM design and development. As a Senior Applications Specialist, he is a key member of the team which led to the development of Tolerance Based Machining, SOLIDWORKS CAM, CAMWorks ShopFloor, and new digital transformation technology currently in development.