Explore the benefits of moving your CNC machine shop to a paperless Industry 4.0 platform.

Many manufacturers still rely on traditional pen-and-paper solutions. ERP systems try to digitize some tasks, but still rely on manual data entry. A true Industry 4.0 solution goes beyond adding tablets to the shop floor—it means collecting data directly from your machine tools.

Join Excellerant as they share practical examples of how your shop can turn IIoT-powered manufacturing into a competitive advantage.

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  • How a true Industry 4.0 approach to paperless manufacturing differs from simply adding tablets to your shop floor
  • How direct-from-machine data helps eliminate human errors in part counts, time logs, and quality processes
  • The value of real-time data versus the data lag caused by traditional paper-based reporting
  • The (often) overlooked benefits of a context-aware communication platform
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    John Carpenter
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    Rick Lees
    Director of Technical Operations
    Rick Lees is the Director of Technical Operations at Excellerant, a CNC machine monitoring and IIoT platform designed to optimize your entire manufacturing process. Years of Operations and IT experience in the automotive and manufacturing industries provide Rick with the skills and knowledge required to innovate and oversee all of Excellerant's customer integrations.
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    Casey Marquis
    Senior Software Architect
    Casey Marquis is Excellerant's Senior Software Architect, responsible for managing and executing the development roadmaps for software design and coding. Casey's unique talents combine proven software development experience with extensive knowledge of CNC networking hardware, communications, and protocols.