Balancing the Power of CAM AI with Control

The power of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s CAD/CAM software works best when coupled with the flexibility to manage machining specifics to meet individual needs. Learn how advanced technologies – balanced with the right amount of control – can save time and significantly increase productivity.

CAD/CAM software with the power of AI technology is helping manufacturing companies advance their production and reach new levels of throughput. But having the flexibility to adapt the technology to specific situations with different parts, assemblies, equipment and materials is also important for success.

Join this webinar to learn about AI technologies in CAD/CAM software with the flexible control to maintain optimal productivity.

Presented by:

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  • Watch a presentation showing the time savings the AI technology in CAMWorks provides, along with options that maintain your control
  • Learn how maintaining the digital thread is achieved through full integration with SolidWorks design software
  • Gain an understanding of knowledge-based functions and the times savings gained with CAMWorks Technology Database (TechDB)
  • Hear how companies using SolidWorks and CAMWorks APIs have reached unprecedented automation levels
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