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In this webinar, KRAIBURG TPE addresses the challenges of surface defects, adhesion capabilities and tighter processing windows faced by automotive injection molders when employing other technologies.

Learn how KRAIBURG TPE’s latest EPDM (thermoset rubber) bonding and higher flow materials are solving these issues for automotive injection molders and OEMs. Also highlighted will be their latest development for interior applications lending higher flow, lower density and mitigating most surface issues translating into improved part design and more rapid cycle times, yielding savings for molders and OEMs.

This webinar installation will also cover the work done on their sustainability offering based on rapidly growing market demands.

Presented by:

Kraiburg TPE: custom-engineered TPE and more logo
  • Brief company overview
  • EPDM bonding
  • Interior low-density / low-fogging
  • Recycled materials
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