Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), in particular Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), has long been the standard for producing lower-cost, simple geometry composite parts, with a long history of adoption by boat builders and wind blade manufacturers. Traditionally, aerospace manufacturers have steered away from RTM and VARTM processing due to anticipated repeatability issues and lower fiber volumes. Recent advancements in automation and tooling technologies have now made VARTM-infused and oven-cured composite parts a viable solution for the aerospace sector, with documented case studies showing structural equivalency, weight neutrality, and 20% or greater cost savings. VARTM composites are now becoming a standard for the aerospace industry.

In this webinar, Hawthorn Composites will discuss the different advancements in automated dry carbon fiber preform manufacturing and tooling technologies for resin infusion to produce complex-shaped, aerospace parts outside of the autoclave, and will review several case studies using these novel technologies and manufacturing methods.

Presented by:

Hawthorn Composites
  • Discuss automated dry carbon fiber technologies
  • Discuss how to achieve autoclave-equivalent composites using RTM resin infusion and out-of-autoclave (OOA), oven-only, cures
  • Review VARTM and RTM resin infusion case studies involving production of complex geometry composite parts and the cost savings associated with the conversion from pre-preg
Duncan Treen
Tom Margraf

Mr. Margraf’s career has focused on developing and delivering advanced technology solutions to high-performance composite manufacturers that has resulted in four issued U.S. patents. Tom leads a talented team of engineers, technicians, and specialists that are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.
Craig Jennings
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jennings has performed a variety of sales & marketing and executive leadership roles at several startup companies with successful exits. At Spintech, he wrote the business plan, raised funding, and is leading a strong team that continues to innovate and deliver industry leading composite solutions.