About This Webinar
As demands placed on coatings and electroplating rise, production tolerance limits shift tighter. Significant value can be realized when processes are continuously monitored and adjusted in real time, improving quality and yield.

Real value can be added when production measurements are networked with automated quality control. In a process, a coating can become thinner or thicker over time. Automated measuring systems can detect changes and adjust a process in real time. Measuring and adjusting a coating process in real time helps avoid rejects and increases quality. Common measurement methods, such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and magnetic dry film thickness (DFT) methods, can be integrated in the production process, connecting through IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Join Rob Weber and Jim Bogert as they discuss different test methods available for in-process thickness measurements of paint, powder coating, and electroplated coatings.

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  • Automated dry film thickness (DFT) measurements
  • Automated X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurements
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    Rob Weber
    Director of Product Management, USA
    Rob has been with Fischer Technology for over 14 years, first in direct sales, then to applications support and now product management. He previously worked for over ten years with thin film laser and DUV ellipsometry measurements for the semiconductor industry. Rob is a participating member of NASF, IPC, NACE, and ASTM and often presents at industry conferences.
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    Jim Bogert
    Manager, Automation Products North America
    Jim has been in sales positions with Fischer Technology for over nine years. He currently manages Fischer's Automation business in North America. Jim started his career in analytical chemistry working as a chemist and then moved into applications, marketing, and sales with instrument manufactures. He is considered an expert in X-ray spectrometry.