Additive manufacturing has been a buzzword in the industry for years, but many companies still haven't adopted this revolutionary manufacturing technology. Part of the problem is that many companies still "don't know what they don't know." In this webinar, Siemens discusses possible low-risk additive manufacturing use cases for companies who have yet to explore this disruptive technology. It is pretty much guaranteed that someone in every industry is using 3D printing today. If your company hasn't yet taken the plunge, then you need these insights to jump-start your entry to additive manufacturing so you too can have the additive advantage.
  • Low-risk entry points for additive manufacturing
  • Considerations for adopting 3D printing at your company
  • The benefits of 3D printing for business
  • Examples of 3D-printed parts across industry
  • How the proper software is key to extracting the potential from 3D printing
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    Additive Manufacturing Expert
    Ashley has been with Siemens in various capacities for almost 25 years where he has used his engineering background to develop and guide Siemens' engineering software efforts. He is currently on the additive manufacturing program team at Siemens Digital Industries Software.