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Composite pressure vessels (CPVs) for high-pressure storage and transport of clean natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen are one of the fastest-growing markets for advanced composites. The growing demand—especially for high-volume production of tanks for hydrogen—is forcing Tier-One and equipment suppliers to think beyond traditional filament winding and demand equipment with higher quality control, lower cycle times, reduced downtime, improved material handling and increased integration with all the steps in the production process.

Mikrosam, at the forefront of automating the filament winding process, is currently delivering several automated line projects for CPVs, serving the transportation and storage markets globally. A fully integrated solution may include several single- or multi-spindle winders for wet and towpreg winding. Along with units to support the operation prior to and after winding, Tier-One suppliers and OEMs can achieve scalable world-class operations for CPVs.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the proven solutions for developing and producing high-pressure storage tanks, automating such production with multiple supporting units, integrating the turn-key solution and considerations in scaling the production.

Presented by:

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  • Mikrosam’s experience in filament winding (FW) CPVs
  • Automating and scaling the FW operation
  • Key consideration for moving from R&D to high-volume serial production
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