About this Webinar
Many alloys of high silicon containing aluminum parts and components could be utilized today in applications where high mechanical strength is required, high thermal stability and good corrosion resistance is important, but are often over-looked resulting from high difficulty to process with success or historically poor resulting quality coatings.

Traditionally plating, painting or until now for meeting anodizing requirements, the high silicon cast alloys have always created many challenges for applicators to provide high quality and consistent performance for their customers. Coventya’s CASTELOX improves the functionality, layer appearance and increases the success in production for applying anodizing layers also offering many additional benefits for applicators.

The CASTELOX® process is an aluminum anodizing oxide (AAO) system designed to improve the coating performance of cast aluminum alloys, for example AlSi7Mg, and opening up the use for all industrial types of parts or components for anodizing consideration.

This webinar will discuss ways to improve consistency, enhanced integrity of the anodize layer while realizing higher productivity and efficiency output.
  • Consistent anodize layer thickness, improved integrity, reduced burning tendency, and lower rejects
  • Superior color performance, wider range color options, superior dye penetration, and higher fade resistance
  • Higher anodize process efficiency, increased reliability, better throughput, and productivity
  • Post-sealing and dye absorption coloring process easier to manager and control
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    Brad Durkin
    Director of International Product Management
    Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with 36 years of industry experience, including technical, marketing, research, and executive management. He is involved in ASTM committees B08, F07, and G01; NACE; SAE; and is a member of the NASF Technology Advisory Committee, currently as chairman.

    Today, Brad has responsibility for the global management of all COVENTYA product and technology platforms. In this role, he is a member of the strategic and tactical Research and Development management teams. Brad supports all International Product Group managers for defining R&D projects, monitoring milestones, and supporting the implementation training for new technology platforms and developments to all COVENTYA Group companies.