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    What happens when organizations adopt a genuine client-centric approach to developing digital products and services?

    Markets are a tough place right now, and these rough seas are cyclical. In times of recession and economic downturns, consumers are much more selective of the products and services they choose to keep, and the ones they're willing to part with. How do organizations make it so that their solutions make the cut?

    Many companies think optimizing their digital solutions and services for more impactful business outcomes is enough to face these uncertain times. But beyond that, there are many other factors that impact the value your solutions bring to your customers - from strategy to ways of working to product development. And most organizations need to shift focus and adjust practices to get there.

    Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn how loving the problem and a wholly customer-centric approach from business model and product innovation to service design, product strategy, and digital product development, can help you create sustainable value, take on emerging opportunities, and provide impactful outcomes for your organization - by creating solutions your customers won't want to part with.

    1. Times are always changing. Companies need new ways of future-proofing their organizations.
    2. Complex problems require bespoke solutions and not off-the-shelf practices. A lock-in effect negatively impacts future-proofing.
    3. What makes for a genuinely customer-centric approach? How do organizations work to get there?
    4. A true customer-focus creates real value for your customers - and therefore a high and fast value-add for your organization.
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