Welcome to a live talk on design thinking and data.

Due to digitalization, organizations are collecting increasing amounts of valuable data. However, the opportunities and applications of data are still relatively unfamiliar to many of us, especially in the design sector.

We will dive into this subject in this Design thinking meets data – current state, future and challenges talk. Join in to learn how design thinking (and doing) can be merged with smart utilization of data. We will cover today’s opportunities with examples and ideas from organizational culture, operations and customer experience. In addition we will discuss how historical data can be combined with futures thinking, and will end the webinar with touching upon some of the risks and challenges associated with data-driven design.
Annina Antinranta
Principal Designer, Futurice
Annina Antinranta is a principal designer at the Emerging Business team at Futurice.
She works at the intersection of design, creative technology and business. Annina has a diverse background in art, design and futures thinking. For the past twenty years she has worked with customers from start-ups to multinational companies designing concepts from mobile phone apps to physical attractions and visitor experiences.
Korhan Büyükdemirci
Principal Consultant, Strategic Design
Korhan is an optimist with a passion for making the world a better place. He has over 15 years of experience in digital strategy, service design, and business design. He believes in the power of combining analytical thinking with intuition to deliver impactful solutions. Korhan has guided many companies, small and large, through digital transformation.