Home Working : The Full Picture

How to handle the Employment, Health and Safety and Data Protection aspects of temporary or permanent remote working arrangements.

Coronavirus has not only affected the way we live but also the way we work with the pandemic leading to a significant increase in remote working arrangements. As we look ahead to future office workplaces, and in light of everchanging restrictions, our latest employment webinar will bring together the people, health and safety and data aspects of home working.

This on-demand webinar will take you through the key issues to consider.

To support this webinar additional resources, including the presentation slides, support packages and future topics survey can be accessed via this link: https://communications.footanstey.com/72/685/landing-pages/webinar-and-additional-resources.asp

We hope the webinar provides some helpful guidance. If you have any queries please email events.team@footanstey.com
  • Employment law update including changes to employee contracts, policies and terms & conditions
  • Flexible working requests
  • Data protection – Identifying and mitigating the risk
  • Health and Safety – looking after employee physical and mental health
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    Karen Bates
    Partner | Head of Employment
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    Nathan Peacey
    Partner | Head of Risk
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    Alexandra Leonidou
    Partner | Head of Data, Privacy and Information Security