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The food and beverage industry is widely recognised for its resilience and agility, adept at swiftly addressing new challenges and leveraging emerging market trends. Even in the absence of a 'normal' trading year since 2019, businesses are still actively gearing up for the future, embracing a positive growth mindset.

As manufacturers continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape, they are increasingly relying on technology, sustainable practices and collaborative partnerships to drive growth, meet consumer demand and stay ahead of the curve.

Aptean's recently launched 2024 Food & Beverage Industry Trends Report offers profound insights into the industry's current status and future prospects. Surveying over 100 food and beverage businesses in the UK and Ireland, this report sheds light on the core priorities and concerns of industry leaders. It highlights how they are attaining growth and success by harnessing automation, optimising supply chains, championing sustainability and enhancing data visibility.

Join Aptean as they uncover the key findings from their report, shedding light on current industry trends and future focal points to aid manufacturers in setting priorities for 2024 and beyond. Aptean will discuss the instrumental role of technology in enhancing supply chain transparency and efficiency, while also revealing strategies to overcome common barriers to digital transformation.
Sr. Director Food & Beverage, Aptean
As a value creation leader, Joris Kolff spearheads strategic discussions, positioning Aptean to empower food and beverage companies in the EMEA region. Leveraging extensive experience in both sectors, Kolff’s profound market insights enable him to grasp today's industry challenges and harness technology for growth-driven solutions.
Marketing Manager