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Working 24/7 as essential services during the COVID-19 Crisis, this case study will outline the successful COVID-19 Crisis Management Strategies taken by the UAE Government Utilities to achieve a 70% recovery rate. This presentation will cover valuable information:

• COVID-19 Timeline in the UAE
o Outlining the Major Strategic Focus from first positive case reported, then flattening the curve strategies, followed by Crisis Management Strategies for essential services during lockdown and finally return to work (herd immunity) strategies.
• Introduction to UAE Utilities
o Overview of world-class award winning Government Utility H&S management systems
• UAE Utility Crises Management: COVID-19 Management
o Detailed preventative actions taken and COVID-19 Management Strategies for In-house Isolation Centers, Health and Wellbeing Strategies and Governance / Guidelines
• COVID-19: Returning to work requirements and actions taken
o COVID-19 Management Strategies for resumption of work process, monitoring techniques, disinfection and sanitization, communication and maintain mental and physical well-being. Steps taken to implement the return to work requirements shared in detail.
Tue, Aug 4, 2020 · 3:00 PM
Abu Dhabi
Duration: 1 hour
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