About This Webinar
Everything you need to know about the condo market right now. Open to all realtors and public.
Hosted by: Costas Kivelos

**Our Webinar Agenda**

• The affect on our market, and how we as realtors should respond
• How the GTA market should bounce back, and why

• What is pre-construction?
• How it works, and differences with resale, how to buy a unit?
• Platinum agents, who and what are they?
• How to make money in pre-construction market?
• Learn more about the state of the GTA condo market.
• Costas' predictions

Westport Condos - (Port Credit)
Artform Condos - (Mississauga)
The Tailor Residences - (Etobicoke)
MODE Condos - 199 Church St (Downtown)
The Manderley Condos- (Scarborough Bluffs)
Festival Condos - (Vaughan)
Forest Hill Private Residences - (Forest Hill)

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    Costas Kivelos
    After over a decade in real estate, and the last 5 years primarily focusing on our city's Pre-Construction condominium (pre-con condos) market, it is safe to say that I live and breathe Real Estate. As the founder of First Access Condos, I have spent a significant amount of time mentoring fellow agents on the art of purchasing pre-con condos, and the condo market in general. First Access Condos is proud to have assisted hundreds of clients with their real estate purchases. From the first-time home buyer, to the seasoned investor, I have personal in-depth first-hand experience, know-how, ability, and the track record, to ensure everyone is making the right purchase for their specific circumstance, needs and wants.

    What is a platinum agent? You may hear real estate salespeople calling themselves "platinum agents," or "VVIP agents" however: it is a term used loosely. As of 2019, there are over 52,000 real estate agents in Toronto, with a mere 100-200 whom can actually be considered Platinum, or VVIP agents. However, even keeping this in mind, with each developer's project, usually, there are usually on 10-30 agents that have "platinum' status depending on the size of the project.

    As a true "Platinum" agent, I am in the 99.6th percentile (0.04%) of all realtors who actually have first access to pre-construction condo developments. Furthermore, it is to be noted, that Platinum agents sell up to 75-80% of the total units before the project is open to any other agents. Therefore, we obtain the lowest prices, best floor plans, and incentives for you.

    Life is busy for all of us. Time management is the key to success. For me, that is about managing a work, and life balance, which includes being a business owner, father of twin boys, son of elderly parents, a life partner, mentor, and fitness enthusiast (Mens sana in corpore sano).

    We look forward to working with you!