Generative AI is certainly the buzz word or catch phrase of 2024, and for good reason. Everything is changing rapidly thanks to AI, and this is especially true in the Wealth Management industry.

There is a "Revolution" happening in Wealth Management…

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Revolutionizing Wealth Management: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI

Join us for an enlightening fireside chat with industry experts Andrew Beatty, Division Executive & Head of Wealth, Retirement & International at FIS and Susanne Chishti, CEO & Founder of FINTECH Circle.

Register now for the webinar on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024 at 8 a.m. ET / 1 p.m. GMT, where these two experts will be delving into current applications of generative AI and its impact on Wealth Management. They will also provide an update on regulatory oversight and the impact of GenAI on the workforce.

Key topics to be discussed during this webinar:

1. Personalized Financial Planning:
Discover the primary advantages of utilizing generative AI in personalized financial planning. We’ll uncover the untapped potential of recommendations based on individual financial goals and how generative AI can assist clients in making better-informed decisions for their financial future. We will cover predictive accuracy and risk customization benefits and provide practical examples.

2. Automated Investment Strategies:
Learn how Generative AI can automate investment strategies and enable portfolio diversification and risk mitigation especially in dynamic economic conditions while maximizing returns and minimizing portfolio risk.

3. Client Relationship Management:
We'll discuss service customization, proactive relationship building, and how achieving a 360° client view will enable advisors to take a far more proactive approach to clients’ investment needs. Discover the effects of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and how to use generative AI to better adapt to a fast-changing market to increase client satisfaction.

4. New Product Creation:
We’ll explore how generative AI contributes to the innovation of new financial products and how it streamlines the product development process. We’ll also discuss efficient prototyping and incorporating regulatory compliance checks.

5. Updates on Regulatory oversights:
Discover how generative AI can improve the auditing and oversight processes in wealth management and create more efficient reporting. Attendees will learn how GenAI can enable financial institutions to create accurate and timely reports for regulatory authorities ensuring compliance with evolving financial regulations globally.

6. Impacts of GenAI on the workforce:
Learn how generative AI can be utilized to address workforce challenges, such as workflow optimization, resource augmentation and continuous learning across large organizations. All this and much, much more.

The fireside chat will be followed by a 10min Q&A where attendees can ask any burning questions about our discussion, wealth management technology trends and the opportunities and challenges of generative AI they face.

In summary:

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the Wealth Management industry. You’ll discover how modern solutions like generative AI can streamline processes and elevate customer experiences, helping your clients navigate the rapidly evolving Wealth Management landscape.

Register now to secure your spot for the webinar with Andrew Beatty and Susanne Chishti on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024 at 8 a.m. ET / 1:00 p.m. GMT.

Together, we'll unlock the potential of Generative AI so you can navigate the “Revolution” happening right now in Wealth Management with confidence!

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Andrew Beatty
Division Executive and Head of Wealth, Retirement & International at FIS
Andrew Beatty serves as the Senior Vice President and Head of the Wealth, Retirement & International division for FIS. Andrew’s responsibilities include the strategic direction, vision, long-range growth and performance of FIS’ combined International Banking and Payments solutions businesses, as well as FIS’ global Wealth & Retirement solutions business. Under Andrew’s leadership, FIS elevates its focus on strategic international markets for Banking and Payments and expands its Wealth & Retirements business by launching and implementing new technologies globally.
Susanne Chishti
CEO and Founder, FINTECH Circle
Susanne Chishti is the CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe's 1st Investor Network focused on fintech investments & Founder of the FINTECH Circle Institute, the leading fintech learning platform for C-level innovation workshops and fintech courses.

Susanne is the Co-Editor of the bestselling The FINTECH Book Series published by Wiley. The Series include The FINTECH Book, which has been translated into 10 languages and is sold across 107 countries, The WealthTECH Book, The InsurTECH Book, The PAYTECH Book, The AI Book and The LEGALTECH Book. In 2020 Wiley published the ultimate fintech guide FinTech for Dummies, which is co-authored by Susanne.

She has also been a fintech TV Commentator on CNBC and is a guest lecturer on financial technology at the University of Cambridge and Warwick Business School.

After completing her MBA she started her career working for a fintech company (before the term "fintech" was invented) in the Silicon Valley 25 years ago. She then worked more than 15 years across Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in London and Hong Kong.
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