It seems like NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens are always in the news these days. Whether it’s Jack Dorsey selling one of his tweets as an NFT, or Yuga Labs (Bored Ape Yacht Clubs creators) recent $4 billion valuation, the BIG question is:

What are NFTs? ...and what is all the hype about?

More importantly, why are some worth millions? Are they an Artform or a Crypto platform? NFTs - what are they actually good for?

Well, FINTECH Circle Members… wonder no more, because we’ve organised to bring you a Masterclass in NFTs & selling NFT art.

Join us on the 12th of May at 12:00 PM for an exclusive “FTC Members Only Briefing” from NFT digital artist Gaya Chandrasekaran, titled

“NFT Master Class (Part-1)”

Prepare to have all your NFT questions answered once and for all, because on this insightful webinar you will discover:

• What NFTs are
• How are they created and traded
• Who are the buyers and sellers
• What are NFT applications for finance?

Not only will you learn all of the above, you will also have a full 15 minutes to ask any questions during a Q&A session. Who knows, you could be the next NFT millionaire?
Better attend to find out.

Gaya Chandrasekaran
Digital Artist
Gaya works in the Global Digital Solutions Group (DSG) within Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB), which focusses on developing innovative, sustainable and profitable digital capabilities and providing state of the art advisory services to clients. She joined Santander in 2014 gaining broad experience across Corporates & FIG in SCIB and has also worked on several strategic initiatives including regulatory deliverables. Her work involved deal structuring, due diligence and portfolio management. During this period, she has won awards and nominations to Accelerating You Programme for Future Leaders and Global Risk Leadership Programme.

Gaya recently completed the Fintech Programme from Oxford University. She holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School (Recipient of Graduating Student Award) and an MBA (Gold Medallist) from India.

She has contributed actively to alumni engagement at LBS since graduation through several leadership positions, most recently as an ExCo Member of London Alumni Club where she led events on cyber risk, sustainability & factor investing involving C-suite speakers, industry experts and faculty. Gaya is a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Ambassador at SCIB and is the Head of Personal Excellence Programme (PEP) for London with Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF). She is passionate about supporting women in their ambitions and enjoys organizing knowledge-sharing networking events.

Outside her day job, Gaya is a thematic artist working with different mediums. She has artworks currently based on four themes, two of which have been converted into NFTs. Gaya has been influenced by art right from her early childhood when she underwent formal training in India and later in the UK at the Slade School of Art, University College London in 2014-15. She has always found the pursuit of creativity to be a consistently healing, uplifting, and liberating journey. It is her mission to spread love and joy through her creations.

Gaya’s first solo exhibition was in 2018 at Santander’s London office, a fundraiser where she sold >70% of artworks donating 50% of proceeds to charity. Her painting, ‘The Golden Lion’ won a special commendation in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s #sketchforsimba competition in 2019. She conceptualised the first ever Art Exhibition within the LBS community, which led to LBS Art Week in 2021 where her paintings were selected for the online exhibition and she was a chosen speaker of the Artists Panel.
Susanne Chishti
CEO and Founder, FINTECH Circle
Susanne Chishti is the CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe's 1st Investor Network focused on fintech investments & Founder of the FINTECH Circle Institute, the leading fintech learning platform for C-level innovation workshops and fintech courses.

Susanne is the Co-Editor of the bestselling The FINTECH Book Series published by Wiley. The Series include The FINTECH Book, which has been translated into 10 languages and is sold across 107 countries, The WealthTECH Book, The InsurTECH Book, The PAYTECH Book, The AI Book and The LEGALTECH Book. In 2020 Wiley published the ultimate fintech guide FinTech for Dummies, which is co-authored by Susanne.

She has also been a fintech TV Commentator on CNBC and is a guest lecturer on financial technology at the University of Cambridge and Warwick Business School.

After completing her MBA she started her career working for a fintech company (before the term "fintech" was invented) in the Silicon Valley 25 years ago. She then worked more than 15 years across Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in London and Hong Kong.
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