Discover the secret to high performing Teams and clear step-by-step Guidelines on how to build businesses to convert innovative ideas into profitable products & services continuously.

Everyone wants to “Predict and control” their Fintech business
(AND) also have the freedom to be continuously Innovative and Creative.

This is the Paradox we need to solve.

Here is what you will learn from this MUST SEE webinar.

• How to design your business to support “innovation” & keep consistent standards at the same time
• The role of management in controlling performance
• How teams can be powerful autonomous units.
• The SECRET to fully engaging everyone in your business.
• HOW TO create the right conditions to create powerful, innovative,
• high-performing teams…
• Plus much more

In this webinar, you will discover the power of “organisation design” and how the function of management can create a powerful, innovative culture to generate new ideas and thinking.

But new “ideas” must be converted into reproducible, consistent products that stand the test of the marketplace.

This is where profits lie.

Explicit control eliminates surprise. Control demands people follow specific rules without deviation, like a machine. The purpose of control is to produce predictable outcomes and to limit surprises.

The challenge Fintech face is combining a specific set of rules AND the freedom to be Innovative and Creative.

We must combine the two to gain the greatest balance of control and surprise.

The answer is CultureWork, creating platforms where powerful cultures emerge.

Make sure you attend on the 12pm 28th March 2023
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. Over the years, Adrian has built a reputation as a skilled business leader, having founded and grown several businesses to great success. Like many successful businesspeople, Adrian's journey to success was not without its challenges, but he believes that the key to success is to learn from one's failures and mistakes.

Adrian believes that every business is unique and requires a customized approach to achieve success. He has developed a proprietary approach to leadership that he calls Clean Leadership®, which emphasizes the importance of creating an environment that nurtures and continually innovates for the uniqueness of each business. Drawing on his extensive experience in coaching, mentoring, and consulting, Adrian helps business owners overcome challenges and obstacles that might otherwise hold them back. He helps create a unique working environment that supports strategic goals and aspirations, which he believes is essential for long-term success.

Adrian understands that businesses today face different challenges than in the past, and he believes that to remain viable, businesses must adapt to the changing market. He emphasizes the importance of creating a working environment that supports a culture based on contribution and collaboration. He believes that traditional linear command and control leadership cannot succeed in the new paradigm and that businesses need Clean Leadership® to nurture, inspire, challenge, and empower their entire workforce to achieve peak performance.

In his work, Adrian focuses on transformation, leadership, behavior, purpose, community, and customer experience. He helps business owners create a unique and supportive working environment that allows them to achieve their goals and aspirations. With Adrian's guidance, business owners can transform their organizations, become effective leaders, and create a culture of contribution and collaboration that will lead to long-term success.
Glenn P Burgess
UK's No1 fintech and SaaS marketing expert. With multiple multimillion launches under his belt - and a stables of Global No1's, he now is an International Speaker, invests in startups, mentors and coaches SaaS owners and teaches at both Google Campus and Ilia State University, Georgia.
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