Fraudsters and their schemes aren’t going away. In fact, it’s only getting worse. Given that identity theft and account takeovers are the methods of choice for today’s bad actors, member authentication has never been more important.

Does your credit union use knowledge-based authentication, i.e., challenge questions as the first line of defense? Not only are these cumbersome, they can also easily be compromised.

What about device-dependent authentication like SMS authentication codes? These solutions depend on members always having their devices with them. Even most biometric solutions – e.g., fingerprints or facial recognition – rely on that same member device. And what if, for example, older members who simply don’t own smartphones?

What if we told you how to protect your customers in a way that is convenient, foolproof and doesn’t depend on special software or devices? But also a solution that will facilitate a more personal experience between you and your members. It’s a combination of these three primary biometric technologies:

Voice Biometrics. Authentication is achieved through analyzing the unique sound of the member’s voice.

Conversational Biometrics. Authentication is achieved by analyzing your word selection or, in the case of chat, even how you spell or misspell words.

Behavioral Biometrics. Authentication is achieved by examining, for example, how you move your mouse or hold your phone.

Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, all of this data is captured, analyzed and verified in mere seconds.

Want to learn more? Join us for a fast-paced 30-minute session during which Finopotamus Co-Founder John San Filippo and Nuance’s Chief Fraud Prevention Officer CFE, C.Adm. Simon Marchand will discuss how this highly accurate, device-independent, truly frictionless authentication technology can transform your business.

Note: On March 16, Nuance will provide a live demo of its integrated authentication and fraud prevention, Gatekeeper. Credit union executives that attend the Finopotamus webinar and the Nuance demo will have the opportunity to win their choice of a Yeti Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler or a Solo Stove! Register here:
  • Problems with device-dependent authentication.
  • Why not fingerprints or facial recognition?
  • The ultimate biometric protection.
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    John San Filippo
    Co-Founder, Finopotamus
    John has more than 30 years of experience in financial technology. He has worked as a corporate marketer, independent consultant and a fintech journalist for some of the most recognizable organizations in the industry.
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    Simon Marchand, CFE, C.Adm.
    Chief Fraud Prevention Officer, Nuance
    Simon is a passionate entrepreneur, rigorous administrator and excellent communicator, constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to share knowledge and experiences. He has more than 12 years of management experience, more than 10 years in fraud management (banks, telcos) and more than 6 years of experience in customer service.