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About This Webinar
Efficient sourcing has always been a crucial element for the Apparel Industry and has gained additional significance with rapidly changing consumer preferences and pressure of cost, capacity and compliance on the suppliers. Countries are realizing the importance of sourcing closer to home in a sustainable manner yet maintaining the diversity in sourcing.

There are essential elements in Sourcing today which cannot be ignored :

- Proximity Sourcing & Reshoring
- Balancing Cost, Capacity and Compliance
- Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
- Disruptive changes in Tariff & Trade
- Industry 4.0
- Lean Retailing
- E-Commerce

This Webinar will cover all important aspects affecting sourcing today: Raw material prices, Tariff & Trade, Reshoring, Sustainability, Automation and will also give an analysis of what major Apparel Brands are doing to overcome these challenges.
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    Ms.Deepti Lahane
    Chief Manager – Market Intelligence, Fibre2Fashion
    Experienced research consultant to major brands & retailers in the Textile and Apparel industry which includes consultation on strategic planning and budgeting, designing and managing research projects end to end, client servicing and feedback. Also, the brain behind the Sourcing & Strategy tool – TexPro.