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How Cyber Security Ties in with DORA

In this webinar you will learn about the cyber security needs and controls that banks and insurance companies will need to implement to adhere to the DORA regulation. We will also discuss current best practice in cyber security and how our clients utilize this to become compliant.


- High level presentation of DORA requirements
- How cyber security complements the DORA requirements
- Best practice cyber security frameworks
- Learnings from how the Nordic finance sector is adjusting to DORA
Head of Cyber and Digital risk
Carsten Maartmann-Moe is head of Cyber and Digital Risk in FCG + TG. Carsten has international experience serving as a trusted advisor for several of the world’s largest and most complex companies (SONY, Foot Locker, Telenor, Yara) on cyber and information security. He has a blend of operational and technical knowledge that covers a wide range of different technologies and IT-related subjects.
Director, Financial Services Operational risk/ICT
Fredrik Ohlsson is a Partner at FCG and Head of Operational risk and ICT. Fredrik has worked +20 year in the intersection between risk management, IT and information security and is considered an ICT financial regulation expert. Fredrik has held positions such as CIO, CISO and CRO for several financial institutions and is a frequent speaker to several Boards on DORA.