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- This webinar will be held in English -

The costly burden of false alerts - How to capture the significant potential for optimization

By popular demand, FCG will hold its webinar on this topic again, this time in English.

Please join us in this interactive session to probe and challenge the realities of false positives and true negatives.

- How do we come to terms with the 80-95% of alerts from transaction monitoring that are false?
- How can you know what the perfect rate should be, when there is nothing to compare and measure against?
- Is the TM-system working for you or against you?

There are quantitative and qualitative approaches to addressing TM performance through scenario optimization. With credible data and adequate information about the conditions of the business of the company, there is mostly quite a significant potential to improve performance and reduce costs.

In this webinar Ronny Gustavsson, Director and Head of Financial Crime Prevention FCG and André Christiansen, Senior Associate, optimization specialist and co-author of FCGs latest whitepaper on transaction monitoring (https://fcg.global/false-alarms-or-fit-for-purpose-is-transaction-monitoring-working-in-your-favour/) will talk about the process around establishing what should be the volume of alerts generated in your transaction monitoring, and how you can establish that your scenarios are sufficient to capture the risks that you have identified in your business.

The webinar will be held in English.

We look forward to your participation.  

For more information on financial crime prevention please visit https://fcg.global/this-is-fcg/fcp/.
Director & Head of Financial Crime Prevention
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Director, Financial Crime Prevention