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What does the EBA IRRBB changes mean for financial institutions?

Join FCG and Algorithmica on March 21st from 10-11 for an all-remote webinar discussing the upcoming EBA IRRBB changes and what it means for financial institutions. During the session we'll cover:
New guidelines - what do they mean and how are different tiers of institutions impacted?
- New RTS related to SA and SSA calculations - What do the new Standardized Approach (SA) and Simplified Standard Approach (SSA) related to NII and EVE mean, who are they relevant for and how are they calculated?
- New RTS related to EBA SOT (Supervisory Outlier Test) - What are the new tests for NII and EVE, how are they calculated and what are the implications for different institutions?
- New RTS imply an increase in complexity, claiming higher attention and more advanced system solutions in order to meet calculation requirements. What can FCG offer in terms of expert advisory and system support?
- What do the EBA IRRBB reporting amendments coming into effect Q2 2024 entail?
- Explore FCG’s IRRBB offering related to advisory and services in the areas of Treasury, Risk Management and Tech Solutions

We look forward to seeing you.
Senior Manager, FCG
Director, FCG
Partner and Head of Risk Solutions, Algorithmica