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- This webinar will be held in Swedish -

GDPR and AML are two legal acts many companies need to adhere to. However, the conflicting interests of the two makes full compliance challenging and difficult to navigate. Given the recent decisions from IMY and the CJEU, the intersection between GDPR and AML becomes increasingly relevant to comprehend and manage. In this webinar, our privacy and financial crime prevention experts will delve into these legal acts and present practical recommendations.

In this webinar we will cover:
- The challenging aspects of parallel compliance
- A detailed look into the decisions made by IMY and CJEU and what impact they may have
- Recommendations on how companies can leverage the insights to assure full compliance

This webinar targets all with a vested interest in balancing compliance between AML and GDPR requirements, which includes both AML and Data Protection Officers, SAEs/MLROs, Heads of AML and Heads of Privacy, Compliance Officers and Legal Counsels, depending on your firm's’ organization.

We look forward to your participation.
Manager, Data Privacy
Aron Klingberg is a lawyer and member of FCG's Data Privacy expert team. Aron has long and deep experience of issues related to the application of the GDPR and other data protection related regulations from both the financial and non-financial sectors.
Senior Manager, Financial Crime Prevention
Maximilian Krackhardt is a lawyer and a member of FCG's Financial Crime Prevention team. Max has extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing work and specializes in governance and strategic issues in PTL compliance.