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Financial institutions are facing an increased ESG pressure. The financial market has responded by integrating ESG considerations in operations and governance frameworks, identifying and managing sustainability risks and investing in sustainable solutions.
Navigating and being compliant in the area of ESG is challenging.

In this webinar ESG experts seek to provide useful information, guidance, and recommendations covering six focus areas;

• What is in force now and what is coming over the next few years, and how it will impact banking operations, incl. SFDR interpretation in Nordic countries
• The challenges we see in the market and how to solve them – Operational advice on what should and should not be done.
• A forward-looking view in the EBA roadmap and where EU regulators are going with ESG
• Pillar III: What and how to report 2023
• Governance and risk framework, incl. operational implementation
• Tech and digital tools: From empty frameworks into data challenges

The webinar is primarily aimed towards boards, and all professional managers within core areas such as Compliance and Risk Management and Internal Audit, but any professional with an interest can participate.

During the webinar you will meet several specialists in the ESG area, who possess the knowledge in Sustainability Compliance, Risk Management and Finance and will elaborate on how to build a compliant infrastructure, and what areas you need to be aware of before implementation. The webinar will have a practical and operational view, which means we will cover the overall assessment of ESG into your business. We know the importance of how organizations are subject to ESG related requirements in existing financial regulations as well as new demands through associated initiatives.

All new regulations, directives and other initiatives may lead to quite substantial demands on changes in your operational business to remain compliant. With the European Commission’s main goal being to reorient the capital flows within the union towards green investments, a proper ESG effort is encompassing.

We look forward to seeing you.
Director and Head of ESG Norway, FCG
Director and ESG Expert, FCG
Senior Manager and ESG Expert, FCG
Director and Head of FCG Denmark
Head of ESG Compliance, Danske Bank