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- This webinar will be held in English -

To meet consumer demands, boost efficiency, and stay competitive, the finance sector is becoming increasingly reliant on ICT third-party providers, resulting in increased ICT third-party risks. This is reflected in the DORA regulation, which sets requirements to better reflect today’s landscape in the industry.

In this webinar, we will therefore discuss what implications DORA has for your ICT third-party management, what capabilities you will need to build internally to match these requirements, and how you will be able to use this to your benefit in your management of risks and third-party providers.

The webinar will cover:

1. What does DORA say about ICT third-party management

2. Setting up an ICT third-party risk strategy

3. Setting up internal capabilities for managing ICT third-party service providers

4. How to manage concentration risks

5. The oversight framework of critical ICT third-party service providers and what that means for the financial sector
Director - Cyber & Digital Risk - Operational risk/ICT
Associate - Financial Services Operational risk/ICT