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- This webinar will be held in English -

In today’s geopolitical climate, having a resilient organization is necessary to ensure business operations can continue even in the face of disruptions. The core purpose of the coming regulation DORA is to help financial institutions and the financial sector as a whole to achieve such resilience.

In this webinar, we will discuss the essence of becoming digitally operational resilient with DORA as a baseline.

The webinar will cover:
- Definition of digital operational resilience
- Capabilities needed for achieving digital operational resilience
- Setting up a digital operational resilience strategy
- How to leverage the foundations of risk and business continuity management to achieve digital operational resilience
Managing Director, Head of Operational risk & ICT, FCG
Fredrik Ohlsson is a Managing Director at FCG and Head of Operational risk & ICT. Fredrik has worked +20 years in the intersection between IT, information security and risk management and has held roles such as CIO, CISO and CRO for several different banks. Fredrik’s experience regarding operational resilience spans over a 20 year time period and Fredrik has a passion for the strategic aspects of resilience.
Associate, Financial Services Operational risk & ICT, FCG
Fredrik Rundberg is an associate at FCG. Fredrik has for the last two years worked extensively with IT, information security, and risk management with several different types of financial institutions. He has worked with DORA as well as several regulations in the ICT. Fredrik is driven by both strategically and operationally evolving organizations to achieve digital operational resilience.