About This Webinar
Sustainability is a rapidly evolving area within the financial market and is a priority of regulators. EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance include several legislative acts and amendments to existing regulations that require financial market participants to consider integrating sustainability into risk management, asset management and advisory services.

But what exactly are the climate-related risks in the Nordic and how are the financial markets affected by them? In this webinar we will guide you through the following topics:
• Introduction to Climate Risk
• Impact on firms and households
• Climate Risk Methodologies
• Setting up a scenario analysis
• Connecting Climate Risk to Financial Risk Measures

We welcome you to join us in a webinar where we will examine climate-related risks and how they may affect the financial market. If you have any questions that you would like us to bring up, please send them to us at event@fcg.se You will also have the opportunity to interact during the webcast.

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    Malin Lindfors Speace
    Partner & Senior Advisor, Ethos International
    Founder of Ethos International and specialised in sustainable business development. Malin has extensive experience from working with multinational and Nordic companies on sustainability issues, including integrating sustainability risks into risk management and asset management.
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    Johanna Nilsson Palm
    Sustainability Advisor, Ethos International
    Sustainability Advisor specialised in sustainability in the finance sector. Advisory services includes implementation of the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance and integration of sustainability into internal processes and risk management.
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    Susanne Perneby
    Senior Manager, FCG
    Economist with extensive experience of risk management, from among others interim roles such as credit risk analyst, valuation control and served as Financial Risk Officer. Susanne has previously worked with quantitative strategy in the Swedish fixed income market and now specialised in climate-related financial risks.