About This Webinar
The pandemic has prompted an ecommerce surge that's unlikely to abate even after the global health crisis is under control. To make the most of this shift, brands and retailers must increase their focus on finding more agile suppliers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing consumer marketplace. It's also of paramount importance to increase visibility and efficiency throughout the buying experience with as much attention paid to the last mile as the first click. In this webinar, experts will share how to develop the most cost-effective strategies to squeeze more margin out of every sale.

This webinar will address:
• How the first mile drives last mile efficiencies
• The ways in which production facilities are pivoting to facilitate DTC business
• The logistics strategies that make going direct possible and profitable
• The hidden costs of DTC sales and fulfillment
  • 1629399956-399ceaa27663f00e
    Vincent Iacopella
    EVP Growth and Strategy, Alba Wheels Up
  • 1629404096-89aae8dd8d4c4cf0
    Stanley Szeto
    Executive Chairman, Lever Style
  • 1629404104-8a679b8763e8d55e
    Yossi Nasser
    Principal and CEO, Gelmart
  • 1629407621-c16cb7e64e43a083
    Edward Hertzman
    President, Sourcing Journal (moderator)