Shifts in consumer preferences due to the global pandemic have put a spotlight on consumer wellness, self-indulgence, and redefining luxury. In this environment, shoppers are also seeking out new experiences and brands. Their desire is to explore and discover. And there’s a demand for brands and products with clear origin narratives — especially in categories such as prestige beauty and fragrances.

It is within this context, that WWD and Beauty Inc team up with the ITA and Esxence — The Art Perfumery Event to present “Insights Into Artistic Perfumery,” a digital event showcasing the Italian fragrance market and its offerings. The focus will be on how Italian artistic perfumery differentiates itself from other markets and can result in success for U.S. high-end retailers and their customers.

Hosted by Allison Collins, senior editor of beauty at WWD and Beauty Inc., this webinar will feature global fragrance experts, fragrance retailers, distributors and industry researchers who will share insights into Italian artistic perfumery. The session will include how Italian artistic perfumery is setting current and future trends in the perfumery industry as well as how U.S. retailers can present Italian fragrance brands to beauty customers seeking authentic and exclusive products.
  • 1637084462-fb0b645b9310de05
    Marisa Auciello
    SVP of sales, Europerfumes & Commodity Fragrances
  • 1637084593-47d64ac4bd52a029
    Silvio Levi
    co-founder, Esxence & founder and director, Essencional
  • 1637084633-c0d493685e738fb5
    Emmanuel Saujet
    co-founder, ICP
  • 1637247644-a740240d66faf786
    Linda Song
    Senior Perfumer, Givaudan