The YouTube Video explaining the event:

In this Live Event, I will be Pie-ing It Forward! I was recently given a Pie just to say hi by a friend. I loved the idea, especially in this season we are living in.

So I want to Pie it Forward. I will be giving away (1) Pie (if it is physically possible for me to send you one, I will have to scour the interwebs) and (1) One-Hour recorded one on one session. You can use this session however, you'd like. Want to learn something in PS? Want me to critique your images or help you make your best even better? Or just want to chat?

I would also like to share a motivational message with you to help with your mindset in this season of Covid 19.

It's a season we expected would be over by now right? But it is sticking around and even those of us with the strongest mental fortitude are finding our thoughts clouded. I don't have all the answers, I may not have any for you, but I do have some actionable things that may help you think differently about the current state of our world.
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    Blake Rudis
    Creator of f.64 Academy and f.64 Elite
    Blake Rudis is a classically trained artist who started as a painter, transitioned into printmaking and sculpture, and finally decided to double down on his love for photography. He incorporates his knowledge of aesthetics and color theory in his photography courses and is known for his acclaimed Photoshop® workflow.

    Blake is a self-published author and is an independent photo educator. His past partnerships include Creative Live, Topaz Labs, Plotagraph Pro, and ON1.