About This Webinar
The workshop opened with William Thomson CEO of Virtual Events Campus who gave a comprehensive overview on the various ways organisations can structure their events to ensure a profitable return. We then heard from David Jackson, Director of Conferences and Events, The International Union for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), Leanne Robertson, Head of Events, News UK and Julia Sutherland, Writer, Presenter, Producer, Dabster Productions, all of whom had successfully increased both their audiences and the income generated from their events since they went on-line last year as a result of Covid.

We hope their experiences and tips will help you maximise the outcomes of your future virtual events.
What to expect
  • Expert advice as to how to design a pricing structure suitable for your audience and organisation
  • Ways to approach your virtual events that emphasis the benefits rather than devalue them
  • Tips on how to monetise your content even after the event
  • How to raise money for charitable organisations
  • Insight into how three organisations, new to the virtual world, have still turned their events into profitable experiences
  • Opportunity to pose your own monetary challenges to our experts
  • Chance to network with industry peers
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    Judith Wilson
    Judith is Director of EVENTIT and EVENTSBASE, the only trade show and magazine dedicated to the Events and Festival sector in Scotland.

    Judith has been at the cutting edge of events for over twenty years and has overseen hundreds of events, working with clients across the public and private sector. Her passion is helping event managers and planners to deliver the best attendee experience for their stakeholders and visitors. With the ever-changing landscape of events and the introduction of virtual and hybrid, she and her team are working on innovative ideas and formats that will inspire planners as to how to embrace new technologies and opportunities and maximise the outputs of their future events.

    Her vision is to better connect event specialist suppliers (from venues to event technology and innovative theme creators) to event organisers in Scotland and the wider business world.
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    William Thomson
    Founder of the Virtual Event Campus and Online Events Guru
    William has been organising events for over twenty-five years. In 2005 he ran his first hybrid event. He charged the same for the virtual experience as the physical attendance. William has been monetizing digital content ever since.

    He is CEO of Europe's largest independent online training and events business for Personal Assistants, Managing Director of Gallus Events and Founder of the Virtual Event Campus. 
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    Leanne Robertson
    Head of Events, News UK
    Leanne Robertson has been working at News UK for nearly 10 years, having spent her career in roles across marketing, partnerships, and events across all of the companies’ brands.

    As Head of Events, Leanne's team were accountable for running over 200 live events a year. When the pandemic hit, Leanne and her team were quick to adapt to the changes and realised quite early that virtual was going to need to be part of their new long-term plans.

    Despite the difficulties of 2020, the News UK events team has had one of its best years and recently won Event of the Year: Consumer Media at the 2021 Campaign Publishing Awards for The Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Awards.
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    David Jackson
    Director of Conferences and Events, The International Union for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union)
    David Jackson has an extensive background in international events management and communications for the third sector and non-profit bodies, including environmental, agricultural and arts organisations. He has a wealth of experience and a collaborative leadership style that has ensured the successful creation and management of a broad range of live flagship events.

    David joined The International Union for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) in 2020 and, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, was responsible for the successful transition from a live conference into a digital event that was attended by a larger global audience than previous conferences, achieved high levels of audience satisfaction and engagement and delivered a financial surplus.
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    Julia Sutherland
    Writer, Presenter, Producer, Dabster Productions
    With a broadcasting career that began in childhood, Julia has over 30 years of experience in the industry. For more than ten years she worked as a producer and presenter at BBC Scotland, before taking the jump into writing and performing comedy.

    Since joining Dabster in 2011, Julia has worked as a development producer working across comedy, factual, events and training and is more often than not embedded in these projects as the presenter and content producer.

    As lockdown hit, Dabster Productions approached The Stand, offering to produce live-streamed gigs from the venue. These became the first comedy gigs to become available online, building a loyal and generous fan base, who donated thousands of pounds to support the club and comedians. As restrictions tightened, the show was broadcast from Dabster’s office with remote contributions from around the country, as well as pre-recorded contributions from the likes of HBO’s John Oliver, and Frankie Boyle.