About This Webinar
Are your events becoming a success? Are you achieving your goals? We know organizing an event is a massive process and from all those complex efforts, it all boils down to how you can measure its success. Numbers don't lie, and knowing the right metrics will always lead you to an accurate evaluation in measuring your event's performance. 

In this free webinar, Unlock Your Ultimate Conversion Checklist — Your Data To Your ROI, on April 22, 2021, 1:00 PM CDT. we will guide you on the how's and why's on must-have metrics to manage a successful event. Leverage your event analytics and maximize your event ROI by utilizing your event's powerful insights.

✔️ Host different stakeholders in different environment by knowing your KPIs
✔️ Maximize your data analytics and receive accurate insights provided by different tools
✔️ Know your digital and hybrid event metrics that will lead your event to success
✔️ Provide high-value event by knowing how to interpret your previous event's data

We'll also be showcasing eShow's Virtual Event Management (VEM™) platform highlighting the different virtual areas that mimic a physical event, creating a full digital or hybrid experience.
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Raju Patel
Scott Wasserman
Marketing Director
Niel Lanticse
Graphic Designer
Cris del Rosario
Marketing Specialist