Due to COVID-19 event managers have had to scramble to pivot and save their 2020, and many of their 2021, events. This challenge has created a need for a new event format. This is where virtual events come into play. While not new they have been sorely underutilized before COVID-19. However, it’s not all bad news. With a new-ish event format and a new-ish way to attend, sponsor, and exhibit a new market for maximizing revenue opportunities is now available. Depending on the type of event being produced and the platform chosen, revenue from sponsors and attendees can be increased through sophisticated new features and sales strategies, as well as the online equivalent of tried-and-true practices long trusted in the brick-and-mortar realm. Additionally, if sponsors and exhibitors are willing to invest a little more time, driving interest before the event, and ensuring quick follow-up post-event, they are guaranteed to see ROI from attending a virtual event. Join us to learn how to create engaging virtual experiences that give sponsors and exhibitors opportunities to maximize their ROI and connect in meaningful ways with attendees.

eShow’s Virtual Event Management Platform (VEM™) gives event managers the power to create engaging virtual experiences that deliver education, networking, and engagement for attendees.

This is part two of a three-part series of webinars taking place in October. To register for the other webinars, visit goeshow.com/webinars.cfm.
Raju Patel
CEO/Founder, eShow
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