About This Webinar
With COVID-19 vaccines being recently available, onsite meetings are also bound for a comeback. But let's face it, the pandemic won't be going away anytime soon and we still need to pivot our meeting strategies while prioritizing our health and safety. Hybrid Events does just that and with this webinar, I Can't Believe It's Not Virtual!, we will be teaching you all you need to know about this new event strategy for 2021:

✔️ Difference between hybrid and non-hybrid Events
✔️ What 8 key benefits hybrid events has to offer
✔️ 4 fundamental elements of hybrid events

You'll also get an exclusive live demo of eShow's Virtual Event Management (VEM™) Platform as our CEO/Founder, Raju Patel, will highlight the different virtual areas that mimic a physical event experience.
Jimmy Mouton
Cris del Rosario
Marketing Specialist