About This Webinar
If you are truly interested in maximizing your profit centers and gaining a competitive advantage, start by building a Badass Team. When teamwork suffers it can be crippling to performance potential. You’d think every single leader would be prioritizing how to improve teamwork. What’s most worrisome is when teams are successful in spite of the absence of teamwork. Imagine what could be possible if they truly behaved like musketeers? In this interactive session we will discuss the key ingredients required to build a badass team, department, business or dealership and even how to be a badass teammate. Michelle will share her lessons learned to get you headed in the right direction toward cultivating your Badass Team and Culture.
Dave McMahon
Content Director
Michelle D. Reines
Badass Leader Founder, Multi-brand CEO, Author, People-Performance Coach, Speaker & Passionate Rider
Michelle Reines is a multi-brand CEO, author, speaker, leadership coach, rider, and creator of the unconventional Badass Leader brand. She’s innovative, results-oriented and has a coveted reputation of helping teams exceed expectations in highly competitive or distressed business climates. Her strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes, possessing 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, team, sales, and operational expertise.