Ultrasonic flow meters can be used in a variety of applications where non-intrusive measurement is an advantage. Large pipes, chemical feed pipes, steam pipes, and some gas pipes are just some examples of the places that Ultrasonic Clamp on flow meters can be utilized. The technology has evolved and improved since the first clamp on meters were used back in the 1970’s. Now UFM (Ultrasonic Flow Meters) are used in places where conventional DP or Magnetic flow meters were used in the past because of the accuracy and the ease of install. Financially, UFM Clamp On instruments make sense because the process is unaffected by the UFM meters and can be installed without process shutdown.

In this session, we will talk about the technology and the improvements in Clamp on UFMs. We will also look at some applications where UFMs are being used as permanent and portable flow meters. These will include cooling water, attemperator sprays, boiler feed water, and some Natural Gas applications. We will also look to the future and talk about some renewable energy applications such as Hydrogen measurement.

Please join us for this discussion of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement that can be utilized in the Power Industry.
Steve Davis
Midwest Regional Manager and Power Industry Manager, FLEXIM Americas Corp.
Steve is the Midwest Regional Manager, Liquid Hydrocarbon Meter Product Manager and the Power Industry Manager for FLEXIM Americas Corp since 2010. He started his career in the US Navy as an Electronics/ Weapons Control technician in 1987 and has continued to work in the electronics and instrumentation field ever since. Steve also spent several years in the Power Industry as an Instrument and Controls Technician and Engineer at a Midwest power plant. He is a Journeyman I&C tech and has an Associate Degree in Applied Science.
Aaron Larson
Executive Editor, POWER magazine
Aaron Larson joined the POWER team in September 2013 as an associate editor and was named executive editor in 2017. Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering technology and a master’s degree, specializing in finance. He spent 13 years in the U.S. Navy nuclear power program, advancing to Chief Petty Officer. He has worked at commercial nuclear, biomass, and coal-fired power plants, functioning in operations, maintenance, safety, financial, and management capacities. Aaron holds a Chief A Engineer boiler operator license in the state of Minnesota.
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