Pressure regulators play a crucial role in maintaining and controlling pressures in industrial fluid and instrumentation systems, and selecting the right ones is important to keeping those systems operating properly. To avoid inefficiency, poor performance, frequent troubleshooting, and potential safety hazards, it’s important to understand:

• Different types of regulators available
• How these various regulators function
• How they can be applied to suit your system

Need help? Don’t miss this webinar. Join us as Shaji Arumpanayil, our pressure regulator product manager, explains what you need to know about pressure regulators and the nuances of your fluid systems to find the best option for your needs.
Shaji Arumpanayil
Senior Product Manager at Swagelok
Shaji Arumpanayil is a senior product manager at Swagelok, where he manages the general industrial valves and regulators portfolio. He has been with Swagelok for more than 28 years, and during that time, he has worked and led teams within the engineering, operations, quality assurance, new product development, technical service, data analytics, and price management groups. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Cleveland State University.
Scott Jenkins
Senior Editor, Chemical Engineering Magazine
Scott Jenkins has been an editor at Chemical Engineering since 2009. Prior to joining CE, Scott worked in various capacities as a science journalist and communications specialist, reporting and writing on a variety of sectors, including chemical processing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and research policy. He also has industry experience as a quality assurance chemist and research experience as a synthetic organic chemist. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, and a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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