The burgeoning hydrogen economy holds immense potential in the fight against the global climate crisis. Its rapid expansion necessitates vigilance in safeguarding our critical infrastructure. This webinar draws inspiration from the evolution of human safety programs, which transformed from isolated initiatives into integrated programs driving safety-centric corporate cultures. In parallel, we seek a new era in cybersecurity—one marked by cohesion, comprehensiveness, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Delving deeper, we illuminate the parallel evolutionary paths of human safety and cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for dedication to bolstering cyber resilience. Our webinar advocates for shifting from passive regulatory compliance to a proactive ethos, with individual accountability and responsibility emerging as the driving forces fortifying our cybersecurity defenses. Attendees will learn valuable insights and pragmatic strategies shared by our industrial cybersecurity expert. This experience empowers you to cultivate a cybersecurity culture echoing the successes of current safety programs, fostering cross-functional collaboration, charting a persistent course for continuous cybersecurity improvement, and navigating the regulatory landscape with confidence.

Together, we can embark on this transformative journey towards a secure hydrogen future. Here, the enduring lessons of human safety programs serve as guiding principles illuminating the path to cybersecurity maturity. Our collective efforts will ensure that the hydrogen industry not only flourishes but securely thrives in an era defined by digital interconnectivity and rapid growth.
Chuck Tommey, P.E., GICSP, ISA Cyber Expert, CISSP Candidate
Digital Connectivity Executive, Siemens Industry, Inc.
Chuck Tommey helps Siemens’ industrial networking customers design digitalization ready networks with an emphasis on cybersecurity. Chuck leverages his 25 years as a registered, professional electrical engineer, selling, designing, and installing complex control systems for companies of all sizes and types, to consult on Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity. As a curious engineer, when confronted with the cyber-crisis in industrial environments he earned a master’s degree in Cybersecurity with concentrations in Forensics and Operations and has continued to accumulate additional OT and ICS focused certifications. Chuck’s passion is to help companies truly understand the multitude of cyber-threats and then implement risk-based cybersecurity programs which lead to supportable network architectures. Cybersecurity is everchanging and requires sustained effort with a continuous improvement mindset.
Scott Jenkins
Senior Editor, Chemical Engineering Magazine
Scott Jenkins has been an editor at Chemical Engineering since 2009. Prior to joining CE, Scott worked in various capacities as a science journalist and communications specialist, reporting and writing on a variety of sectors, including chemical processing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and research policy. He also has industry experience as a quality assurance chemist and research experience as a synthetic organic chemist. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, and a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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