Homogeneous mixing and high-shear dispersion are core processes in chemical process technology. We would like to introduce you to three typical ystral processes that can accelerate numerous processes in the chemical industry. Time and energy savings of up to 90% are certainly not uncommon. Whether in the production of resins, plastics, pesticides, lubricants, cleaning agents or many others, effective machines and systems are needed everywhere.

Conventional agitators create a horizontal rotation in the liquid. This hinders the vertical exchange of substances. You can agitate for hours, but the mixture never becomes completely homogeneous. ystral Jetstream Mixers, on the other hand, use a consistently vertical mixing principle. This way, everything is mixed completely homogeneously from bottom to top, usually in less than three minutes. The difference is enormous.

With our high shear dispersing machines, we move intensive processes out of the process tank and into an external loop. This not only speeds up processes, but all the processing conditions can be controlled much better.

When using our Conti-TDS machines, it's all about dust-free powder processing, safe handling of hazardous substances, avoiding respirable dusts and vapors, explosion protection and maximum dispersion to fully utilize the components in the final product. And the final products are diverse: man-made fibers, conductive films, anti-graffiti or flame-retardant coatings, PU foams, silicone rubber, sol-gel processes, protective colloids for PVC production, release agents for tire production and much more. There are hundreds of applications in which optimized dispersion achieves advantages in the process and also in the ultimate product.
  • Differences between agitators and Jetstream mixers
  • Basics of homogenous mixing
  • High shear dispersion
  • Inline vs. batch dispersion
  • Dust free powder induction
  • Safe handling of hazardous substances
  • Prevention from respirable dusts and vapors
  • Explosion protection
  • Saving raw materials by optimum dispersion
  • Emulsification
  • Non-destructive polymer dispersion
  • Dispersion of fine powders into high viscous resins
Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob
Senior Expert Process and Applications, ystral gmbh / Strategic Sales
Dr. Jacob studied at the Dresden University of Technology from 1981 to 1986. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1989. He has worked with ystral since 1990 as a Senior Expert in Process and Applications. His special expertises include mixing, dispersing, emulsification and powder dispersion into liquids.
Mary Page Bailey
Editor, Chemical Engineering magazine
Mary Page Bailey has been an editor with Chemical Engineering since May 2013, after working five years as a process design engineer at ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s joint venture, Univation Technologies, LLC. During her time with Univation, she designed equipment for numerous Unipol polyethylene plants and attended a plant startup in China. She holds a B.S. Ch.E. degree from the University of Oklahoma.
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