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COVID 19 has parents scrambling for effective, efficient ways to teach their kids and keep them educated during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. They're now left to put on a number of hats throughout the day: parent, teacher, employee or business owner.

Join us at The Study by Enderun as we chat with Frannie Daez, author of the book KIT: Keep It Together Before Chaos Strikes!, a home management manual. Frannie began her homeschool journey 17 years ago and has homeschooled seven out of her eight kids. In this webinar, Frannie will be walking us through the basics of homeschooling: from how to begin to how to survive.

This online meet up is perfect for:
Pre-School & Gradeschool Parents

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  • What is Homeschooling?
  • How to Get Started
  • Motivating Your Kids
  • Getting Creative with Homeschooling
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    Frannie Daez
    Author & Home School Mom of 7
    Frannie Severino-Daez, is a happily married wife and mother of eight, who began her homeschooling journey 17 years ago. She is also the author of KIT: Keep It Together before Chaos Strikes! A home management manual in which she shares her system of coping with the multitude of tasks that come with being a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, and business partner. After successfully homeschooling her five older children, with two currently being homeschooled, Frannie has managed to get back into the corporate world as a Managing Consultant at Ancilla Enterprise Development Consulting, Inc.
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