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About This Webinar
Employee Benefit Planning Association of Southern California (EBPA) is pleased to present:

HSAs and FSAs - Contrasting with HRAs

Presented by
Bobbi Kaelin
Director at Large, PayPro Administrators


This webinar will explain recent Covid-19 developments and how they affect medical plans. An overview of the Covid-3 Stimulus bill outlining the direct implications it has on FSA and HSA Plans.

Also, attendees will gain an understanding of what an FSA, HSA and HRA mean to employers and consumers focusing on the advantage of shopping for benefits.

This program will give an overview of each of these medical plans focusing on the differences, amount of participation and eligibility for consumers.

Finally, an introduction to CDHP will be presented; outlining the positives and negatives to this type of plan and how to best maximize its flexibility for the consumer.

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Bobbi Kaelin
HSAs and FSA's - Contrasting with HRAs
Bobbi Kaelin is the VP of Broker Sales for PayPro Administrators. For just over 30 years they have provided administrative services for COBRA, account-based plans, payroll, reporting, and testing.

She is a certified healthcare reform specialist, CDHC certified, and was one of the few non-agents instructors in California, that provided training for Covered California, for California's exchange certification.

She has done training for school districts, municipalities, private organizations as well as non profits - in HIPAA, ERISA, Plan Design, Compliance. She is a Provider under the Department of Insurance, instructing insurance agents and brokers in continuing education, as has written and instructed courses in Ethics, Consumer Driven Health Plans, COBRA, HRAs, HSAs, ERISA and Cafeteria Plans.