About This Webinar
This online training event will provide attendees with insights into Science-Based Situational Awareness and indicators that will allow them to identify and analyze observable behaviors associated to potential danger.

Empowered with this information, an individual can make better quality decisions to disrupt violence BEFORE it occurs.

Understanding the science behind this is a highly in-demand subject, which is why for the last 11 years I’ve been brought in by the FBI, Joint Regional Intelligence Centers, Overseas Advisory Council, and all levels of Military and Law Enforcement to instruct their teams.

Public safety and propagating this life-saving information to as many people as possible is at the very forefront of my mission.

The only way I can arm the public with this knowledge at scale- is to train an elite group who are equally passionate about the topic, and who want to create an income source for themselves while providing this much needed service.

Schools, Small Businesses, Event Centers, Corporations of all sizes… there is an almost endless supply of potential clients. Far too many for me to engage on my own.

Therefore it is mission critical that I empower people who have a desire to make a positive impact in their community with the knowledge of how to Professionally and Profitably- develop an entire business around teaching people how to become more situationally aware, and to protect themselves and their loved ones by being able to identify potential threats in real time.
  • Topic #1: Crash Course in Science-Based Situational Awareness
  • Topic #2: Understanding Pre-Threat Indicators & How It Can Save Your Life
  • Topic #3: Top Three Secrets That Few People Know About The Situational Awareness Training Industry
  • Topic #4: How To Build A Highly Profitable Business Teaching Situational Awareness Skills & Making A Positive Impact In Your Community
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    Yousef Badou
    Founder | Emergence
    Yousef is a former Marine Infantryman with multiple combat tours, and an industry leading expert in the areas of Situational Awareness and Behavioral Analysis.

    With over 12 years experience, he has trained and certified over 6,000 Students and Instructors around the globe.

    He is routinely utilized by the FBI, Joint Regional Intelligence Centers, Overseas Advisory Council, and all levels of Military and Law Enforcement.