About This Webinar
Join us during our live webcast about B2B Commerce on the 27th of October

The usage of Ecommerce solutions within the B2B marketplace is lagging behind B2C, even with the growing demand of B2B buyers for a personalized online experience. Studies show that B2B companies can have serious gains in revenue growth, cost optimization and customer experience by leveraging on Digital Commerce. So how can companies like yours identify and successfully realize their value drivers for adding an Ecommerce channel to their business model?

Our expert panel, consisting Sander van Loon and Martijn de Glopper, will share their insights and experiences, to help you overcome your barriers to become a Digital Commerce Excellence company.
  • On the basis of a client case we give insight into how to overcome the 3 main obstacles B2B companies identified to not excel at Digital Commerce
  • “Ecommerce is not suitable for my type of business and clients”
  • “We don’t know how and where to start with Ecommerce”
  • “We have an Ecommerce solution, but it is not paying of in relation to the cost”
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    Mark Schmidt
    Digital Transformation and Innovation lead - Salesforce
    Mark works with manufacturers across EMEA on their digital transformations. He is a graduate of the University of California, has over 25 years of leadership and innovation experience with global enterprises, 2 patents in collaboration technology, and a MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. Mark will discuss the digital trends within B2B and the specific role of E-commerce to create value for your customers.
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    Martijn de Glopper
    Senior Account Executive - Salesforce
    Martijn de Glopper is Senior Account Executive of Salesforce. He has been working in the area of Ecommerce for over 10 years, helping customers to build a suitable and measurable ROI for adding an E-commerce channel to their business model.Martijn will elaborate on the ROI for Salesforce B2B Commerce solution, and the variables in which benefits and savings can be found.
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    Sander van Loon
    B2B Commerce Lead - Nextview
    Sander van Loon is B2B Commerce Lead at Nextview. Based on a proven approach and collected content and experience, Sander helps organizations to define how value can be created and implemented. He will share insights in the value drivers are for Digital Commerce. Challenges to overcome are the misalignment within organization silos and the risk of still thinking too small but seeing it as acting big.