About This Webinar
Join us during our live webinar about the Future of Service on the 11th of November

Now, more than ever, companies are focusing on delivering a great customer experience. The world around us is changing, customers’ expectations transform and new technological opportunities present themselves. By attending this online event, we will give you an insight into what the future will bring for Customer Service from a technology and human perspective.

What will the future bring for Customer Service? Will bots and knowledge bases take over repetitive tasks from Service Agents, or will the role of Customer Engagement Centers transform in a way they can focus more on building meaningful relationships with your customers?

In this upcoming online event, Geeske te Gussinklo (Director at Klantenservice Federatie), Marko Kiers (RVP Service Cloud at Salesforce) and Stef van den Oever (Practice Manager Customer Experience at Nextview) will discuss their vision on the future of Customer Service and finding the balance between technology and the human touch.

Attending this online event will give you access to the Gartner paper ‘The Future of the Customer Engagement Center’ which will give you a deeper understanding of the different scenarios for the development of your Customer Engagement Center.
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    Geeske te Gussinklo
    Director at Klantenservice Federatie
    Geeske is the director of the Klantenservice Federatie, the Dutch industry association for customer contact centers. After her studies in psychology, she held various management and executive positions. Since 2021 she's been active in the customer contact industry where she speaks with her members on a daily basis on developments and needs in the industry. This year the focus of Klantenservice Federatie is on digital transformation. During this event, she will emphasize the human touch within customer service and highlight the Customer Service Next Level initiative she's currently running.
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    Marko Kiers
    RVP Service Cloud at Salesforce
    Marko Kiers leads the Service Cloud business of Salesforce in Northern Europe. He's especially focused on what digital technologies can do to create an "easy and enjoyable" experience for customers who seek help and advice. At the same time he focuses on how these technologies can increase employee satisfaction in customer service and increase profits and revenue. He holds a Masters in Technical Business Administration from the University of Groningen, and recently wrote an academic paper on the digital transformation of Customer Service as part of an Executive MBA at Nyenrode University. During this event, Marko will highlight how technology will contribute to the future of service.
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    Stef van den Oever
    Practice Manager Customer Experience at Nextview
    With a background in the Hospitality industry, Stef has been into the Experience Economy for as long he can remember. Combine that with a keen interest in technology and before you know it you'll find yourself in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Today he leads the Customer Experience practice within Nextview, where he's making a positive impact on customer engagement centers on a daily basis. He does this together with his team of Customer Experience rockstars. In the Future of Service event, Stef will talk about transforming customer service departments into customer engagement centers taking responsibility for the end-to-end customer journey.