In this webinar we explain the process of shell moulding & sand casting in detail. We especially instruct about the difference between the two processes. After this webinar you know the advantages of the casting techniques and when to use them to optimise your components.

Interesting for: engineers, project managers, product managers, etc.

Important information
- This webinar runs every 15 minutes throughout the entire month of May, between the hours of 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM – Amsterdam.
- You can attend this webinar at any time during this time frame.
- Just visit this website, register at the moment that you want to attend the webinar.
You immediately enter the waiting room and the webinar will start within 15 minutes.

* No pre-registration needed
* Attend the webinar whenever you want
* The webinar starts within 15 minutes
Managing Director ELCEE